Virtual Workshops


Best practice content, tailored and configured for remote work environments

Covid – 19 has impacted every business, yet most organisations still need people to grow, learn and develop. Indeed the need is perhaps greater than ever for mindful leadership and management, strong communication and team collaboration.

The pandemic has changed where and how your people learn and we have a suite of workshops that can be delivered in a virtual environment. They address many of the challenges your people will face and we can design specific modules to address specific needs:

  1. How to lead a virtual team
  2. How to build new habits in a remote working environment
  3. Resetting expectations in a remote team
  4. Staying healthy, happy and productive while working from home
  5. Managing upwards – how to work effectively with your line manager
  6. Personality traps – mapping all our profiling tools into a remote work environment
  7. Reframing with Resilience – develop emotional resilience through managing negative emotions; how to engage positive emotions.
  8. Positively Responding to Adversity – how to learn and apply optimistic self-talk to reframe adversity
  9. Influence and persuasion in a virtual world – communication strategies to help you work effectively with colleagues and clients

We can deliver these either as off the shelf sessions, or tailored to your environment and organisation. They can be delivered as webinars or virtual workshops, with break out groups and facilitated discussions. Duration is anything from 45 minutes to ½ day. Webinars can have up to 100 participants. Workshops are a maximum of 12 participants.

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