Virtual Learning that is genuinely effective

A methodology that allows for a regular learning pulse, freed from the constraints of live event logistics

Covid – 19 has impacted every business, yet organisations still need people to grow, learn and develop. Indeed the need is perhaps greater than ever for mindful leadership and management, strong communication and team collaboration.

We view the current work environment as an opportunity to create more flexible and frequent learning conversations. Our methodology will allow for all staff and managers to participate in discussions that enable them to share ideas, surface challenges, connect and collaborate.

This is much more than simply transferring existing content to a virtual environment. It’s a re-imagining of learning, with a focus on context, not content, combined with specific action and data from the habit tracker system.

The pandemic has changed perspectives on learning. Why not use our methodology to deliver programs that help everyone thrive in the coming months?

We can design bespoke programs facilitated by our team, or provide materials for your managers to use. With tools such as  break out rooms, polling and chat, these sessions can be more interactive and inclusive than live events.

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