• Organisations don’t change.
    People change. We make change easier for individuals, teams and organisations.

What we do

We work with leaders and managers so that they can build and lead the organisation and the culture. The results we help you realise involve higher talent attraction and retention, revenue growth and profitability, increased engagement, higher client satisfaction and retention. And we can deliver all of this remotely as we all adapt to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

We consult, design, facilitate, train, coach and support organisation and people development, with a specific focus on shifting behaviours and building better habits. We underpin all this with the Actionable methodology to achieve strategic goals and a mix of great content, combined with proven tools, processes, resources and technology that supports, embeds and measures change and progress.

Who we are

Founded by Richard Wentworth Ping in 1989, Wentworth has a long and successful track record, working with a mix of organisations and sectors: media and creative agencies, finance and banking, pharmaceutical, professional services, NFP, publishing, manufacturing and IT. We have a network of experienced consultants across Australia and Asia, with hubs in Sydney and Singapore and access to global partners to deliver in Europe and North America. We work best where we partner over time to make a difference, not just tick a box. Highly invested, personal and tailored service and programs that work, which is why we are chosen and retained by clients as their valued partner.

Our Why?

Behind everything we do is this simple but vital objective: helping people enjoy their working life. Work can and should be enjoyable. It’s at the heart of great work, high performance, talent attraction and retention and a great culture.

Leadership & management development

Developing leadership and management capability is central to our work. Strong leadership leads to great cultures, where people enjoy their work.

We work with executive teams, directors, emerging and future leaders and our belief is that anyone can lead, not everyone knows how to.


We don’t believe change has to be hard. People and organisations change and improve all the time. We focus on the human aspects of change initiatives: changing behaviours, habits and mindsets, because those are the elements that lead to success. Our role is like a personal fitness coach: we help define goals, identify the right pathways and strategies, create resources, motivate, challenge and help you stay focused. The activity to get fit: that’s your role.

Blended learning

The pandemic accelerated the change in the way learning & development is delivered. During lockdowns, almost all learning was completed virtually and we were all surprised that it was both engaging, effective, efficient. 

Most organisations have now adjusted to a hybrid work model, with a mix of in the office and remote working. Our delivery has adjusted as well to a fully blended approach. This allows for us to use a combination of in person workshops, virtual workshops, webinars and coaching, leader led delivery using our bespoke content, a wide range of content for people to learn at their own pace. 

It’s the best of all worlds for learners, leaders and your organisation: high impact, cost effective and engaging.

Tools & resources

Everyone needs a set of tools to build something special, so Wentworth have a whole range, many our own creation, combined with best in class from around the world. These include manager tools to work with direct reports, online 360 feedback, personality and strength profiling tools, team diagnostic tools, client relationship mapping tools and a whole suite of learning resources to drive ongoing learning.


The majority of our work over the years has come via recommendation and word of mouth.

A delighted client is the best marketing campaign. Here are a few quotes from recent clients.

“They have empathic knowledge of our industry’s challenges”

Regional HRD Media Agency, Singapore

“Professional coaching enables me to see into my blind-spots. It’s made me much more aware of areas where I need to improve, and has forced me to ask myself all the right questions about how I’m performing as a CEO. It’s been invaluable.”

CEO Creative Agency Australia

“We have increased revenues by 40% in 2 years, and significantly increased our market share and had a big improvement in our key customer satisfaction metrics.”

CEO Out of Home Media, Singapore

“Deliver powerful and inspiring sessions which produce “real” results that reflect their management experience and strong business acumen.”

National Training Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Business

“We have no doubt that the program has had a positive impact. We have noticed a dramatic increase in productivity and low occurrences of conflict amongst the teams.”

Operations Director Emergency Services Organisation Australia

“The program has over delivered against our expectations and as Partners we can see enduring changes in the way the team are working together. The ROI is clear and we say that as an organisation that is very ROI focused!

Partner, Global Professional Services Organisation

“Outstanding to work with, and instrumental in designing and delivering a holistic development program to lift our soft skills and capabilities.”

COO Industry Association, Australia

“It’s the way they work that differentiates. Not afraid to challenge senior leaders in the service of achieving positive change.”

Regional HRD Biotech

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