• “Everyone wants change but no one wants to change themselves.” Eugene Burger

“Don’t complain about the traffic, if you’re driving. You are traffic. Change is everyone’s responsibility.”

With organisational  change, the problem is rarely in the strategy or thinking. It’s in the doing – changing people’s behaviours, habits and mindsets. Everyone knows change is important but they often look to other people to start it.

We help your people embrace change through an approach that is based on consultation, design thinking and starting small, testing and adapting based on feedback. As Jim Collins says: “Fire bullets, then cannonballs”.

Getting people at every level to build new habits in small steps is the key to sustainable change. Combine many individual changes in habits and your culture changes. Learning, agility, collaboration, coaching, curiosity, mindfulness and inclusiveness are all behaviours and habits people can develop.

Like all successful movements, they start with a group of committed people and grow. This is the organic change that works. Not a “launch” or a “roll out”. Not an HR or L&D initiative, sanctioned by senior executives (although all will be involved).

Change methodology: an iterative approach to shifting behaviour one habit at a time

The change heartbeat illustrates a methodology that is sustainable and flexible. The process is supported by technology to create learning and subsequent improvement that is measurable, practical and relevant

Three key elements of the approach are:

  1. The “Habit Builder” – individuals make a commitment to build a small daily habit for 30 days. The approach uses “nudge” theory, daily journaling and buddies to help people stay focused and accountable.
  2. Leader-Led Conversations – monthly 1-hour learning conversations led by internal leaders. This process allows a deeper connection between content and the context of participants situation, as well as connecting the team and drives ongoing learning.
  3. Data and insights dashboard – the platform collects data points from each individual and provides insights on activity, engagement, behaviour change and impact. This is like a Fitbit for your organisation.

Key benefits:

  • Sustainable – because you are not paying for external facilitators to run sessions
  • Collaborative – because it gets teams and cross functional groups working together
  • Flexible – habit builder takes 2-3 mins a day. Conversations take 1 hour each month. Both done at a time that suits your people
  • Scalable – a consistent message and conversation can be rolled out quickly across a whole organisation
  • Growth – getting leaders and managers to lead learning is one of the best ways to deepen understanding in those leaders. As Carol Dweck says: “Teaching is a wonderful way to learn”

This is how learning and change works in today’s busy world. It can and will work for your organisation.

Actionable approach download

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Actionable Conversations Explained

Habit Builder Behaviour Science – connects Actionable Habit Builder to the work of James Clear and Charles Duhigg

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