• “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You are only as good as your tools.”

Over the years we’ve developed a suite of tools and resources to help managers and employees succeed. We are also accredited in the best diagnostic instruments around.


The quality of the tools that you choose to use are as important as the tools themselves and everyone needs access to good tools and resources. Our suite of tools and resources allows your people to get and give feedback, understand themselves and others, drive their own learning or learning for their team, understand personal drivers, set people up to succeed and map and manage expectations internally or with clients and customers.

Focal 360 Online Feedback System


A best in class 360-degree feedback tool designed for individuals or groups of any size. Simple to set up and use, flexible and cost effective. Choose between pre-defined questionnaires that are statistically validated and benchmarked, or your own questions and competency framework.

Personality Profiling and Psychometric Testing


Increase self-awareness, understand your colleagues or clients, others, improve how you build rapport, improve collaboration, reduce conflict and increase productivity and performance. We have accredited consultants for the 3 most validated and recognised psychometric instruments in the world: MBTI, DiSC and HBDI.

Strengths Profile


Help people realise existing strengths, develop unrealised strengths and discover areas for growth. Ideal for emerging talent, career progression, individual coaching and leader and manager development.

Download a more detailed information pack and pricing here.

Video Based Learning


A collection of 25 (and growing) short form videos that can be used as a stand-alone learning asset, or as an additional resource to enhance other learning initiatives. Topics covered include: Building Trust, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Giving Feedback, Assertiveness, Prioritisation and Motivation. These are ideal for people to learn on the go, or on a just in time basis when they need to remind themselves of a concept.

This is a high value, low cost learning asset. Call us to find out more.

Curious Conversations Library


A library of conversation guides to enable managers at any level to lead learning with their teams. These can be bought off the shelf or tailored to your context. Topics include mindset, empathy, team communication, deepening client relationships and agile working.

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You can download a free copy of a curious conversation below and please use this with your team. The download includes the leader’s guide and the participant pre reading.

Process Tools & Guides


A range of tools that helps managers set expectations, understand individual drivers and current levels of satisfaction, plan learning & development, set goals and KPIs, delegate work, set people up to succeed and identify areas for team improvement. These tools help managers open up the right conversations with the people around them. Most are available for a small one-off payment.

You can download a free copy of a tool called the Motivation Audit. This draws out a more nuanced answer to the question “what motivates me?” as well as assessing how well each driver is currently being fulfilled.

Email us now to get access to some free resources that you can start using today to drive better conversations info@wentworthpeople.com