The majority of our work over the years has come via recommendation and word of mouth. A delighted client is the best marketing campaign. Here are a few quotes from recent clients.

“They have empathic knowledge of our industry’s challenges”

Regional HRD Media Agency, Singapore

“Professional coaching enables me to see into my blind-spots. It’s made me much more aware of areas where I need to improve, and has forced me to ask myself all the right questions about how I’m performing as a CEO. It’s been invaluable.”

CEO Creative Agency Australia

“We have increased revenues by 40% in 2 years, and significantly increased our market share and had a big improvement in our key customer satisfaction metrics.”

CEO Out of Home Media, Singapore

“Deliver powerful and inspiring sessions which produce “real” results that reflect their management experience and strong business acumen.”

National Training Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Business

“We have no doubt that the program has had a positive impact. We have noticed a dramatic increase in productivity and low occurrences of conflict amongst the teams.”

Operations Director Emergency Services Organisation Australia

“The program has over delivered against our expectations and as Partners we can see enduring changes in the way the team are working together. The ROI is clear and we say that as an organisation that is very ROI focused!

Partner, Global Professional Services Organisation

“Outstanding to work with, and instrumental in designing and delivering a holistic development program to lift our soft skills and capabilities.”

COO Industry Association, Australia

“It’s the way they work that differentiates. Not afraid to challenge senior leaders in the service of achieving positive change.”

Regional HRD Biotech