• “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world”. Marianne Williamson

Anyone can lead, not everyone knows how to. It’s not about seniority, charisma, or even a set of skills, knowledge or experience. Our aim is to create the learning environment where enough committed leaders (citizens) are mobilised and inspired, to then go on and initiate and support the changes you need in your organisation or team.


The underpinning thinking to our approach

  • That leadership is learned rather than taught.
  • That context is more important than content.
  • That leadership programs are only effective over the medium to long term.
  • Leadership capability is something every organisation needs and is vital to build collaborative, agile, resilient, diverse, innovative organisations.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Adaptive Leadership Approach Explained

“Better sleep is achieved through better night time habits not by taking sleeping tablets.”

This desire for a technical solution is very common when looking to develop leadership and management capability. It rarely works. People forget and don’t change their behaviour.

Adaptive leadership programs are designed to address these two key issues. This is harder work for everyone: the senior team, HR and L&D, the participants and us. It’s more effort and more challenging and yet it is the only way to get the outcomes you need. It is also a lot more satisfying and rewarding.

“The adaptive leadership program run by Richard is extra-ordinary – I have never been on a program like it and never met an instructor conduct a course in this way and that effectively.” Business Director Media Agency Singapore

Target Audience For Leadership Development

Our aim is to broaden the reach of leadership mindset and behaviour to mobilise everyone to lead or help leaders champion change. We work with 3 types of leaders:

Established leaders – The work here is about shifting ingrained behaviours and mindsets, enabling a letting go of old ways of working and being more vulnerable and open to change.

Emerging leaders – The work here is helping these leaders learn how and when to demonstrate leadership, respectfully challenge senior authority figures and move beyond their own formal authority to make change happen.

Future leaders – Individual contributors that have passion, ideas and energy but no formal authority. The work here is to help them understand the politics of the organisation and to learn how to deploy themselves in a way that influences others.

Executive Coaching

“Professional coaching enables me to see into my blind-spots. It’s forced me to ask myself all the right questions about how I’m performing as a CEO. It’s been invaluable.” CEO Creative Agency

We have an experienced panel of ICF accredited coaches, located across the APAC region. Our two main hubs are in Singapore and Sydney, with other coaches based in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai and Tokyo.

We deploy coaching either as a stand alone engagement for senior members of your organisation, or as an integral component of wider leadership development initiatives. Coaching provides focused, tailored development and allows the opportunity for an executive to be positively challenged in a trusting and entirely confidential relationship.

Download the PDF below or call us now for an initial conversation to see how coaching can help your people. There is no cost and no commitment.


Executive Coaching Overview 2020

Developing Management Capability

The transition from individual contributor to manager is huge: akin to becoming a parent the first time. Life is different and the focus moves from self, to others.

There are strong similarities between parenting and management: consistency, no favourites, boundaries, tough love, nurturing, all done with the aim of growing the individual so they can thrive and succeed. Unlocking that ability brings real joy to any manager.

Whether for new managers stepping into the role for the first time, to experienced managers needing to sharpen their skills, our programs build skills, provide tools and processes and shift mindsets.

Invest in your managers and you drive higher performance across your business. You’ll see improvements in productivity and effectiveness, reduction in staff churn, higher client or customer satisfaction. These programs are at the heart of our mission: to help people enjoy their working life.

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