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    positive impact on your people and organisation.
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Company Summary


We help create workplaces where people do their best work.

Since 1989 we have worked with more than 500 clients around the world, covering almost every business sector including: media, advertising, finance and banking, professional services, pharmaceutical, IT, automotive, bBiotech, FMCG, retail, luxury goods and government.

We have helped our clients navigate change, grow revenue, build leadership and management capability, increase staff engagement and create and sustain award-winning cultures.

With a team of consultants based across Australia and Asia (our network spans Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand), we approach each new opportunity with an open mind, a sense of curiosity and the desire to build long term relationships based on the value we add to your businesses.

Our aim is to enable you to have a workplace culture where your people perform at their very best. Our philosophy of ‘enjoy your working life’ underpins how we work and is the key driver of how we will approach any brief you provide.

Our values inform you about how we work with you. Our client testimonials let you know that we deliver on the promise. We are practical, passionate about the work we do, challenging, inspiring and fun to work with.

Our Clients


Case Studies


Creating a Unified Team: Local Health

The client had merged two teams into one large team of 25 and restructured some roles to adjust to the new set up. The technical work had been done but the team was still operating as two distinct teams.

Talent Program: Manufacturing Asia

The client wanted to create an experiential development program for a cohort of identified talent. These were individuals across the business, some of whom lead teams, some of whom were highly influential but did not manage anyone directly. The objectives were primarily:

Creating a High performance Culture: Media Company Australia

The client was already on a change journey when we first were asked in 2012 to put forward some ideas to help them with the next stage of change.

Leader Led Learning Case Study: Professional Information Provider APAC

The client had been working with Wentworth for two years to roll out a solution sales program using a traditional model of using a Wentworth facilitator to deliver workshops in each market across Asia.

Our Values


What we do is not unique. How we do the work is.

Our “Why?” is about helping people enjoy their working life. We feel everyone deserves that.

Our “How?” is based around these 4 values. The best relationships work because values align. These inform all our work and show you what you can expect when working with us.

Pay it Forward


A mindset of generosity: with our time, our knowledge, help and support. We turn up with an attitude of “How can we be of service?”. We believe in giving, simply because it’s a better way to do business.

Move Mountains


A growth mindset when it comes to change. Changing culture, changing thinking and behaviour. Everything we do has the intent of making a positive impact. That means we are ambitious for you, have the courage to challenge your thinking and help you move mountains.

Better Ourselves, Better Everyone


A learning mindset. Ultimately, we’re in the business of improvement; creating better. And that starts with us and flows to you and your people. We aim to be the best we can be and that means continually growing our skills, our knowledge and our insight and fostering a learning culture in you and your organisation.

Explore New Territory


A curious mindset. A healthy level of adaptation is the key to success, so we have curious minds and a willingness to pursue new directions that will pay big dividends for you. We’ll ask, “why not?” and experiment with different approaches, new content, new technology, all with the intent of getting a better result.

Team Profile



Richard Wentworth Ping


Elaine Quek

Richard Duncan

Lin Tan


John Ogier


Sarah Whyte

Claire Turner


Karin Wentworth Ping

Yasue Watanabe

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Wentworth People is a business partner that can help your organisation and people grow and evolve. Based in Australia and Singapore, we have been helping clients succeed since 1989.