Richard Wentworth Ping

Working with Wentworth since: September 1989; Since 1998 in Australia and Asia

Background and experience: Started career in FMCG sales and key account management, progressed into sales and general management roles in consumer goods, media and consulting.

Facilitation style: Practical, credible, energetic, facilitative, flexible. It’s all about the people in the room. Great learning is interactive, engaging, challenging. It’s good to be liked but it’s more important that people learn what they need to learn and that requires honesty and a willingness to challenge. Preferred metaphor is that of a personal trainer. I hold the space, provide techniques and build skills, encourage and push for effort and hold accountable. But if you want to get fit, you have to do the exercise and the lifting.

Main areas of expertise: Leadership development, especially adaptive leadership; high performance teams; organisation culture and change; leader led learning, supported by technology; executive coaching.

Passionate about: Helping people lead enjoyable work lives and creating workplace cultures where everyone gives their best because they are enjoying their work. This is particularly true for managers. If we can give people the skills and tools to manage people well, it’s a brilliant job.

Most enjoyable work project and why: Many to choose from however our biotech client in Singapore. A truly holistic program, with a long term commitment to shift the culture around people and leadership. Fully supported by the leadership sponsors. Challenging, stimulating and inspiring to see people shift and start leading their people.

Qualifications: BA (Hons), Marketing Diploma, Alumni of Harvard Kennedy School Adaptive Leadership; ICF Qualified coach.