Blended Learning

The pandemic accelerated the change in the way learning & development is delivered. During lockdowns, almost all learning was completed virtually and we were all surprised that it was both engaging, effective, efficient. 

Most organisations have now adjusted to a hybrid work model, with a mix of in the office and remote working. Our delivery has adjusted as well to a fully blended approach. This allows for us to use a combination of in person workshops, virtual workshops, webinars and coaching, leader led delivery using our bespoke content, a wide range of content for people to learn at their own pace. 

It’s the best of all worlds for learners, leaders and your organisation: high impact, cost effective and engaging

The way learners engage with learning is evolving rapidly, especially in this post covid world of hybrid working. Old style learning delivery, with long, in-person workshops doesn’t work any more. 

We have evolved the way we deliver learning to suit this modern world and new generations or learners. Our blended learning approach includes:

  • Tighter, in person sessions which focus less on content and more on how to apply an idea in the context the learner faces
  • Collaborative and social learning, where learners share learning ideas in small groups
  • Micro learning: bite sized courses that can be completed in 10-15 minutes
  • A suite of short video tutorials on all our key models and frameworks, deployed via a platform that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Virtual workshops and webinars, tailored to a specific audience and recorded for those that missed them
  • Curated content – reading, video and podcasts – distributed on a weekly basis
  • Pre-written discussion topics that are run by internal leaders

We view the current work environment as an opportunity to create more flexible and frequent learning conversations. Our methodology will allow for all staff and managers to participate in discussions that enable them to share ideas, surface challenges, connect and collaborate.

This is much more than simply transferring existing content to a virtual environment. It’s a re-imagining of learning, combined with specific action and data from the habit tracker system to measure engagement and impact.

Why not use our methodology to deliver learning that helps everyone thrive and your organisation succeed?