Richard Duncan

Working with Wentworth since: June 2008

Background and experience: Held senior management roles in advertising agencies and management and brand consultancies as well as several senior marketing positions within a number of multi-national corporations across five continents. The two central themes to my career have been creative thinking & problem solving and managing change within a multitude of companies across a diverse spectrum of business categories, industries and sectors.

Facilitation style: Passionate and highly energetic. I create and promote a safe and fun learning environment and foster a spirit of curiosity and exploration. It’s all about challenging your norms and the conventional thinking around you and not accepting the status quo. No idea is a bad idea and I courage everyone to push their own boundaries and explore outside the proverbial box. It’s all about empowering the group to think for itself and have faith that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Main areas of expertise: Creative thinking, ideation and problem solving; leadership development; mobilising and motivating high performance teams; organisation culture and change; presentation & pitching skills; customer service and HBDI accredited and trained facilitator.

Passionate about: Helping people reach their potential by confronting their own glass ceiling and finding the way to push past it to achieve what is possible.

Most enjoyable work project and why: Enabling operational and cultural transformation in a global IT company by harnessing the power of HBDI to help them unlock the potential of their people at all levels to dramatically improve their customer service levels and internal rapport and collaboration.

Qualifications: BSc Combined Honours, post-graduate industry certification diplomas in various marketing disciplines, HBDI accredited and trained facilitator, linguist, mentor, pitch coach (for TFN Australia) and public speaker (including for charity Beyond Blue).