Karin Wentworth Ping

How long with Wentworth? I’ve been associated, as Director and Facilitator, for 20+ years.


Psychology of Personality workshops. Corporate workshop facilitator with a focus on helping individuals and teams understand their personality preferences using Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Strengths Profile (CAPP), 1-1 sessions to identify individual strengths and how to put them to best practice to enhance personal and team performance.

Previous: Accredited Facilitator to run Resilience Doughnut corporate and private workshops and parent talks. NLP coach, hypnotherapist, general management (Publisher) and media sales management.

Other interests: Volunteer ethics teacher (primary school) with Primary Ethics for 7 years.

Apart from the present, what job did you most enjoy and why?

Publisher for EMAP in London. We were a rapidly growing company, brilliant energy and with an entrepreneurial spirit of “let’s do it”. We were really successful and had such fun while we were doing it.

Coaching and facilitation style:

Completely focused on the client, coachee or group. Understanding that people learn and respond in different ways and to be flexible to the needs of each preference.  My Myers Briggs type is INFJ, so like to be well prepared, thorough in my knowledge of the subject and the group/person also I’m values driven and allow time for insights to come through.

Main areas of expertise:

Developing one’s personal insight of how they work best as an individual and as part of a team with both Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strengths Profile(CAPP), also anxiety and stress management, building resilience.

Passionate about:

Helping people understand themselves and how they interact and adapt to others. How to get the best out of themselves as they navigate a complex world both inside and outside work.

What piece of work have you enjoyed most this year?

Working with clients using the Strengths Profile (CAPP). It’s a brilliant tool and process which always provides insights and ideas for people at any level of experience in any situation.

Why are they hanging out with Wentworth?

Well apart from being married to the owner, because this is the work I love, and it provides meaning and purpose. What more can you want in a job?