Leader Led Learning Case Study: Professional Information Provider APAC

The Challenge

The client had been working with Wentworth for two years to roll out a solution sales program using a traditional model of using a Wentworth facilitator to deliver workshops in each market across Asia. Most sales people only received 1 workshop each year. The feedback scores on the workshop were great but as we all know immediate feedback and a wonderful experience in the room does not necessarily translate into changed behaviours and downstream results. The adoption of the process and skills was mixed, dependent on the local line managers.

The Solution

We advised the client to switch approach and use leader led learning. We launched the LLL program by equipping line managers with the skills necessary to facilitate the sessions with their teams. We familiarized them with the content and allowed them practice time with feedback.

All country MD’s were involved in supporting the program, coaching directors and attending some of the leader led sessions. The program was supported through the use of Yammer as a collaborative tool that allows people to access the content, share ideas and socialize results. The Wentworth consultant stays involved with a monthly coaching process. A webinar was organised each month to discuss results, and brief on each new module.

Impact & Results

The impact has been high. All managers are running sessions with their teams, aligned to their regular weekly and monthly meetings, so this has integrated into business as usual. Field coaching is backing up the team sessions, ideas are being implemented and there have been immediate measureable results leading to excitement that “it’s working”. By passing the program over to the line managers they feel in to control and have taken ownership. It is more sustainable in terms of budget and provides focused ongoing learning through the year. Any new starters can easily catch up because their manager has all the materials available to use in the onboarding process.