Yasue Watanabe

Working with Wentworth since: 7 years (since 2016)

Background and experience: Before I started working as a facilitator/coach in 2003, I was working as Director of Accounting at a Japanese subsidiary of AMC Entertainment, Inc. My responsibility was to oversee the general administration and accounting divisions in Japan and also Hong Kong. I was the first Japanese female director of the company.

Facilitation style: I have studied coaching at CTI (Coaching Training Institute) as well as ORSC (Organization Relationship System Coaching). The five values of CTI coaching are Listening, Self-Management, Intuition, Curiosity, and Forward the Action/Deepen the Learning. Personally, my style aims to create a trusted advisor/partner relationship with my clients.

Main areas of expertise: Leadership and management training, executive coaching, multi-national team-building, presentations and personal impact, sales and negotiation.

Passionate about: Sharing “a-ha” moments in coaching and training sessions through co-active discovery and learning.

Most enjoyable work project and why: Executive coaching sessions, particularly with two clients who have had real breakthroughs in how they need to operate and that flowed through to their personal and their teams’ success.

Qualifications: DiSC®, Everything DiSC®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, CheckPoint 360 and Profile XT, a qualified trainer of Sandler Sales Methodology; B.A. degree in Business Administration