Talent Program: Manufacturing Asia

The Situation and Brief

The client wanted to create an experiential development program for a cohort of identified talent. These were individuals across the business, some of whom lead teams, some of whom were highly influential but did not manage anyone directly. The objectives were primarily:

  • To elevate their knowledge, skills and thinking, so that they could contribute to the overall success of the business
  • To challenge them to take a greater leadership role in the business, with a view to identifying who could make the transition to become part of the Executive team
  • To be both a retention and attraction strategy for key people.


The solution was to design a bespoke program that had alignment to the overall competency framework of the organisation, the needs of the local manufacturing site and those of the individual participants. We wanted a program that did not solely rely on consultant led workshops and was owned and driven as much by the participants and local Executive team.

The program was designed to run across a minimum of two years with clear KPIs set around business outcomes generated, participation and engagement. The group were exposed to company specific case studies both past and future, to look at decision making process. They took part in a talent assessment process using the 9 Box Grid, with observation, challenge and feedback from a panel of the Executive. They extended the learning process by running sessions with other groups in the organisation, using the lead by teaching premise. These elements were enhanced through value creation projects, mentoring and individual coaching, 360 feedback and the use of the Actionable approach to build new habits and behaviours.


The projects have created an average of 3:1 on ROI. All participants are still at the business and 50% had already been promoted. The program continues to run and evolve.