Sarah Whyte

How long with Wentworth? Just joined in 2018…and excited to be doing so!

Background: International education with a specific focus on wellbeing and personal development in terms of social and emotional skills

Apart from the present, what job role did you most enjoy and why? Working with a highly motivated leadership team to develop their emotional intelligence, both for individual effectiveness and optimal leadership. I loved the multi-modal delivery of this programme. With its combination of psychometric assessments, coaching and facilitation over 6 months, it was a great opportunity to explore the topic and build relationships with participants.

Facilitation style: Interactive with a focus on practical skills which can be immediately put into action for a positive impact, both professionally and personally. I always endeavour to be warm, supportive and relaxed, drawing on coaching skills to question and challenge participants, enabling them to deep dive into the workshop content.

Main areas of expertise: Emotional intelligence, change management, self-awareness, navigating through relationships, professional and personal coaching

Passionate about: Creating the opportunity for people to reach an ‘aha!’ moment, which will shift their thinking and understanding on to a new level

Why are they hanging out with Wentworth? I’m a fan of Wentworth’s approach, viewing training as a continual learning process, rather than a one-off event. I love working with people who conduct their business with integrity and transparency, and Wentworth ticks all those boxes!

Fave Recent Job: Working with a financial services company to develop emotional resilience – great people who were quick to take the strategies on board and run with them.