Marcus Corah

How long with Wentworth:

Started working with Wentworth in 2013.


I started off in production, working my way up from runner to director/producer. I’ve met and worked with some pretty amazing people over the years, including mike leigh (I was his runner), Robert De Niro and many others.

In fact, the first thing I ever directed, I hire an actor because he had been in Star Wars.

Apart from the present, what job did you most enjoy and why?

Directing, it was great fun with lots of responsibility.   When big brands are relying on you to deliver a film/corporate message for them, it’s pressure, pressure, pressure. I loved it. I also got to travel a lot and meet new people which I love too.

Facilitation style:

Fun, energetic and in the moment. I like to be able to ‘dance in the moment’ with delegates, that way it’s not formulaic or boring for them. I tell a lot of stories to illustrate points or pre-teach concepts, they are usually funny and I’m up out of my chair doing the actions to go along with the story.   It’s all about creating engagement for the delegates to facilitating the learnings.

Main areas of expertise:

I focus on and talk about three major concepts;

  • How to build rapport,
  • How to sell to emotional desires
  • How to overcome negative beliefs clients and prospects hold about you, your product or service.

You can use these three concepts in and sale scenario (internal, external, new prospects & existing clients). You can use the concepts to rebuild existing relationships with clients, to influence them, to create stunning pitches and presentations for them. The list goes on.

Passionate about:

One of my core passions is to ‘help people to be the best they can be’. If I can make a difference and leave someone in a better place then I found them, I go to bed happy

What piece of work have you enjoyed most in the last 12 months?

I recently worked with a business that had been through a pretty tough time because of internal and external changes. I was asked to help with cold calling and sales strategies, but the underlying issue was the sales team’s mindset. So, I suggested we start there.

I only worked with them for one day and we spent the morning working on their mindset and the afternoon on sales skills.

A month later, it was great to hear that the sales team had not only adopted the tools, and where doing really well. They had also had changed their mindsets.

I went to bed happy.

Why are they hanging out with Wentworth?

Good question. Mainly, because I like Richard WP. We met a while ago and we just really got on. It grew from there really.

He’s great to hang out with and great to facilitate with too.